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5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity That Really Work

No matter your career or industry, your success depends on your ability to get things done. As we all know, time is a limited commodity. And if you've entered the brave world of startups, you also know that time is money. To guarantee the success of your business, whatever it may be, you need to make the most of the time you have.


On that note, here are five tried-and-true methods to boost your productivity:

1. Utilize a Workflow System

Depending on your situation, it could be as simple as a good old-fashioned planner. On the other hand, for many, checking out the latest and most technologically-advanced workflow systems is considered top priority. The workflow software available today could transform how you (and your team) do business.

Whatever you decide, remember that the specific system doesn't matter as much as your adherence to it. Choose something that you know you will follow through with on a daily basis and then watch your productivity soar.

2. Weed Out Distractions

It doesn't have to be as dramatic as shooting your TV or deleting your Facebook account. There are good options available to stop you mid-click when you go on a Facebook or Netflix binge.

For other distractions, try to pay attention to what's pulling you off task at any given time, write it down (don't skip this!), and then brainstorm solutions. There are plenty of creative ways to avoid even the most alluring distractions. For example, a common distraction for businesses is having too many long meetings. To get past this, try holding stand-up meetings. Everyone, including yourself, will be more motivated to wrap it up and get back to work!

3. Take Regular Breaks

This may seem counterintuitive, but taking regular breaks is actually one of the best ways to boost your productivity. According to Nathan Kleitman, a groundbreaking sleep researcher, the human brain can only focus for 90-120 minutes before it needs a break. This is called the ultradian rhythm, a basic rest-activity cycle that's present in both our sleeping and waking lives.  

Strive to work within this natural cycle and take a 20-30 minute break after every 90-120 minute work session. If you don't take breaks, your productivity will slow down regardless -- so you might as well take a moment to meditate, go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, or whatever suits you, and then you can return to work revived and raring to go! 

4. Be Positive and Work with Positive People

Nothing undercuts productivity quite like negativity. That's why having a happy, positive company culture is such a hot topic in today's business world. Companies have finally realized this basic truth: a happy employee is a productive employee.

No matter what you're doing, work can be difficult and complicated, which makes surrounding yourself with positivity all the more important. So, in order to boost your productivity, consider first your headspace, and second, your workspace.

If you strive to be positive, you will have more energy and less stress. You will be better at solving problems, identifying opportunities, and working with others. If you work with positive people, you will find it's easier to be positive yourself, because what goes around comes around.

5. Join a Shared Workspace

To skyrocket your productivity, consider membership in a shared workspace! Coworking is on the rise, becoming an increasingly important facet of the American workforce. According to a recent study published by Business Insider, by the year 2020, 40% of the American workforce will be freelance. 

The more people turn away from traditional employment, the more alternative workspaces will open their doors. Freelancers, remote workers, startups, and other independent professionals should take advantage of this opportunity, because when it comes to being productive, where you work matters more than you realize.

About Us

Salt Mine is a 19,000 square-foot productive paradise located in Sandy, Utah. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or other independent professional, our large and beautiful workspace has been specifically designed to help elevate your business and increase your productivity. If this sounds like something you're interested in, come visit us and take a free tour.

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Gov. Herbert flips for technology and charity at Salt Mine

Salt Mine was honored to have Governor Gary Herbert in the house Monday flipping pancakes to support the future technologists of Utah at Edison Elementary (a Title 1 school.)

Beehive Startups founder Clint Betts had a discussion with the Gov. Herbert on the future of technology and innovation in Utah.

Utah Technology Council was a a co-sponsor of the event and President Richard Nelson introduced the Governor. Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight, flipped pancakes and reminded the audience that the future of technology is about empowering student potential: "Opportunity is limited, capacity is not."

Skonnard was joined by Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith, Experticity CEO Tom Stockham, and several other leading CEOs in technology.

Salt Mine is not only the largest coworking community in Utah, but also wants to be a place where thought leaders gather to share ideas and collaborate to keep the future of the Beehive State bright!













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Here are some pictures from our most recent event with Beehive Startups, Tesla, and Overstock chairman, Jonathan Johnson. If you’re interested in being invited to Salt Mine events, email us at








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Muster Media Transforms Digital Advertising

Muster Media Team

We sat down with one of Salt Mine’s early adopters, Muster Media, to learn more about what they are up to as a company.

Sarah: “What problems does Muster Media solve?”
Muster: “Muster helps retailers and their brand partners collaborate on digital display or banner ad campaigns. What has historically been called “co-op” advertising has not made the transition to digital channels the same way other marketing budgets have. Muster provides technology assets like work-flow, data management, campaign optimization tools, and the like to facilitate cooperative internet advertising campaigns.”

SS: “What has the journey been like from Adamatic to Muster?”
M: “We feel like Muster is a stronger representation, as a brand name, of the value that we’re creating. Muster literally means “to collect or assemble” and for us it’s a strong allusion to collaboration. With Muster our partners can better gather together for the purpose of collaborative advertising.

Muster Media Logo

SS: “How are you different?”
M: “The only legitimate solutions to the problem have been created independently by large retailers like Walmart). We’re packaging up a solution for brands and retailers that don’t have the time or resources to build their own product.

SS: “What is the Utah recommendation you always give out-of-town customers when asked what there is to do/eat/see?”
M: “Park City. It’s always the first place we take out-of-town guests to get the Utah experience. You can’t beat the skiing, eating, and shopping. And you have to try the Comet Bobsled ride at the Olympic Park; it’s incredible!”

Sarah Son lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Brian and pug-chihuahua Kevin. She is the events and marketing guru for Salt Mine.

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Utah Student 25

Thanks to Utah Growth Fund and Beehive Startups for honoring these outstanding entrepreneurs!

2 Requirements:

1. Participants have to be a currently enrolled student.

2. The company has to be revenue producing.

Then the top 25 are ranked by revenue. Free market meritocracy at its best! 




















As a coworking community dedicated to seeing entrepreneurs thrive, Salt Mine is thrilled to be part of honoring the bright future of Utah startups.

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3 Reasons To Consider Coworking Over Leasing

It’s an exciting moment in the journey of your business when you determine there’s been enough growth to make that move from your kitchen table to a dedicated office space. Traditionally, this next step looked like a few weeks (or months) of touring commercial office spaces and reviewing lease conditions. It has become increasingly apparent, though, that this model meets the needs of a limited segment of entrepreneurs and companies, while leaving many others without an option that fits best. However, in recent years the flourishing concept of shared economy has created another choice in work environments: coworking spaces.

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks as Salt Mine Productive Workspace in Salt Lake


Coworking spaces are growing in popularity as a workplace option that provides the productive setting of a professional office space while offering members the additional benefits of a catalytic community of like-minded idea shapers. These benefits have convinced a growing number of businesses and entrepreneurs to choose a local coworking space. A few things are important to consider as you make the choice between joining a coworking community or moving your business into a commercial office space.

1 » Your workspace budget is limited.

Leasing a commercial office usually means you’ll be starting with an empty space that will require purchasing not only office furniture, but also all of your necessary items like high-speed Internet, audio/visual equipment, cleaning and trash removal, etc. In a coworking space, most, if not all, of these items and services are provided as part of your membership.

2 » You want networking to grow your business not just a cubicle.

Unlike the private nature of a commercial office space, a coworking space encourages networking and collaboration between its members. You might find yourself working along a filmmaker one day or a custom web app developer the next, and the opportunity to build deep connections with the local business community provides an immeasurable value. For the times when you do need privacy or are under a deadline, most coworking spaces offer dedicated office space and quiet rooms designed to encourage maximum productivity.

3 » Your type of work thrives in a creative environment.

Tech companies and creative agencies have become the standard for what a productive and fun office environment looks like. More and more employers and employees are looking for ways to incorporate that “startup” feel into their workplace, but many are limited by the expense. Coworking spaces are designed with that flexible and fun work style in mind and provide a customizable environment for you to be most productive, whether that happens in a booth, standing at a counter, or spreading your work out on a large table.  

The entrepreneurial and startup-friendly culture of Utah has created a demand for flexible work options, and the rise of coworking spaces is providing an effective response to these needs. Salt Lake’s newest coworking space, Salt Mine Productive Workspace, recently opened to serve the business community in Utah and is centrally located where Cottonwood Heights and Sandy meet. It is equidistant from Ogden, Provo, and Park City. With its refined environment and face-to-face LinkedIn network, it just might be the best fit for your business. Stop by Salt Mine for a tour today and see if a coworking environment is the best choice for you.

 Sarah cropped pic.jpg

Sarah Son lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Brian and pug-chihuahua Kevin. She is the events and marketing guru for Salt Mine.

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Join the Team

We're looking for dedicated and catalytic team members, interns, and hosts. If you’re interested in joining our team, contact us at


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New Entrepreneur Space opening in February

Salt Mine announced today that it will open a 19,000 square foot Entrepreneur Space in Salt Lake in February 2016.

“Our productive workspaces offer the right balance of collaborative and private environments for startups, independent professionals, and remote teams to inspire passionate productivity”, explains David Edmunds, founder and CEO.

As a not-for-profit, Salt Mine is committed to local economic development that has global impact. Edmunds describes wanting to build a “generous community” that will pay it forward by making investments of coaching and resources for local entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs in the developing world.
“We are excited to join this vibrant Startup community here in Utah and play a role in the economic prosperity of the region. As a rising tide lifts all ships, we are eager to see how this community will elevate the livelihoods of families in Utah and around the globe.”
Salt Mine will have educational events, collaborative services, 18 dedicated offices, three training labs for classes of 35-50, a large event space for 185, 8 conference rooms, private phone booths, and a café. The high-end space will be open to the community, available for memberships and dedicated offices, and even booked by the hour for power lunches.

The innovative workspace where Cottonwood Heights and Sandy meet is in the final stages of a ground-breaking project to rehabilitate and modernize an older building. Edmunds describes the vision of delivering the high tech office experience of a giant like Google. "Why should Google employees have all the fun? We are democratizing the Google experience for Startup teams and freelance professionals making Salt Mine the place you love to work."

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Contributing to Utah Job Creation

Construction is on schedule for the January opening. We are pumped to be contributing to job creation and the prosperity of Utah!


Pumped to be contributing to jobs locally in #Utah! #startup #cowork

A photo posted by Salt Mine (@coworkslc) on Nov 23, 2015 at 5:33am PST

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